Maine Oxy gases up for more growth

Image courtesy of Maine Oxy

While I don’t remember too much from my high school chemistry class, one thing I do know is that gas, when heated, expands. So it’s only natural that, as its business heats up, specialty gas company Maine Oxy in Auburn is expanding too.

The company, which sells industrial, medical and specialty gases, has five stores in Maine and a total of 15 throughout New England. In addition, its employee base has grown from 140 to 157 in the last six years. And the employee-owned company doesn’t plan to stop there, as demand for specialty gas has increased by 4.5 percent every year for the last five years. 

In addition to its gas business, Maine Oxy also operates the New England School of Welders, a nonprofit enterprise for displaced workers or those who seek additional job skills. The company also teaches welding skills to high school students via its Mobile Weld Training Center. According to company officials, since the average age for a welder is 56, both ventures are designed to bring more young welders into the workforce. 





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