Tulsa's Well Checked Systems International protects energy industry

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma oil well operator had an ongoing problem. Virtually every week, a thief would slip onto the well site and steal equipment, strip copper wires and cause damage that would bring production to a halt.

Desperate to protect the property and halt the thefts, the operator turned to Tulsa’s Well Checked Systems International LLC, which has developed a proprietary remote video monitoring and alert system for the energy industry.

“We installed a monitoring system on that well site, and the thefts stopped,” said Mike Haines, Well Checked co-founder and CEO. “A few weeks later the thief was caught and told the police that the well site that he had been robbing got ‘one of those tripods,’ and he stopped robbing that site and moved on.”

The tripod that discouraged the thief was placed on the well site property by Well Checked Systems, and held a high definition camera by which the operator could remotely monitor the site 24/7. This is but one of many success stories for Well Checked Systems ranging from disaster prevention to theft prevention to operational efficiency and even safety.

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