California energy efforts paying off

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — California’s energy efficient commitments are paying off in major ways.

California’s 40-year commitment to energy efficiency has saved Californians $90 billion on their utility bills, created hundreds of thousands of efficiency jobs, and will have avoided the pollution from 41 power plants by the end of the next decade, according to a new report published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). However, the report cautioned that a major efficiency ramp-up is necessary to meet the state’s long-term climate and energy goals.

“Energy efficiency is a major success story for California – saving customers billions on their energy bills over the last four decades. But the state needs to double down on policies and programs that encourage smarter energy use to clean the air for all Californians and create local clean energy jobs,” said Lara Ettenson, one of the report’s authors and NRDC’s director of California Energy Efficiency Policy.

The report, “California’s Golden Energy Efficiency Opportunity: Ramping Up Success to Save Billions and Meet Climate Goals,” details the numerous benefits Californians have enjoyed thus far – including monthly household electricity bills that are $20 less per month ($240 per year) than the national average – thanks to the state’s energy-saving programs, building codes, and appliance standards. The report also shows significant work remains in order to tackle California’s climate and energy goals, and save residential, business, industrial, and agricultural consumers even more money while continuing to stimulate the economy.

Source: PR Newswire

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