Resolute Engineering growing to support energy industry expansion projects

TULSA— The Oklahoma Department of Commerce announced that 45 new jobs will be created by Resolute Engineering LLC, an energy startup in Tulsa, recently enrolled in the Small Employer Quality Jobs Program (SEQJP).

Resolute was incorporated during the largest downturn of crude oil pricing in recent history. From this collapse, the vision of Resolute was born, the company’s website says, committed to meeting new industry requirements of increased efficiency, lower costs, and top quality service to clients who were working to streamline their own energy operations.

The company specializes in engineering and design services for complex, multi-million dollar builds as well as smaller, specialized projects.  Project and construction management of pump stations, pipelines, compressor stations, gas processing facilities, terminals, storage and loading facilities, petrochemical plants, refinery projects, fiber optics  and wind are centers of focus.

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